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Episode #4 - DC Universe Rebirth Pre-Event Show


Episode #4 - DC Universe Rebirth Pre-Event Show

Welcome to the fourth episode of the I Want More Comics Podcast. On this episode we talk (non-spoiler) about DC Universe Rebirth and its implications on the main DC Universe. We also have a guest of the store come in and read along with Richie the DC Universe Rebirth one shot and hear their live reactions. We also have as we always do our News and Picks of the Week with Archangel #1, Invincible #128 and Robin Son of Batman #12. We hope you enjoy this episode before our live Rebirth Event. Just look up Special Episode #1 - DC Universe Rebirth Live Event to hear the live podcast where we talked to the fans as DC Universe Rebirth was launched at midnight. As always new episodes every Saturday!


"Batman Theme" by The Jam
"Waiting for Superman" by Flaming Lips


0:00:00 - Chapter 1: Intro
0:00:52 - Chapter 2: News
0:04:41 - Chapter 3: Picks of the Week
0:24:45 - Chapter 4: Spinning the Racks - DC Universe Rebirth Non-Spoiler Discussion/Live Reading Reaction
0:42:51 - Chapter 5: End



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